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Mediterranean Chicken Bowl *NEW*

Mediterranean Chicken Bowl *NEW*

$ 9.99

All Natural Chicken Breast* Marinated and grilled. Served over basmati rice with fresh roasted veggies and a house made tzatziki sauce.  

4 OZ Fat: 6g |  Carb: 31g  | Protein: 42g | Calories: 292

6 OZ Fat: 8g |  Carb: 31g  | Protein: 59g | Calories: 432

8 OZ Fat: 10g |  Carb: 31g  | Protein: 76g | Calories: 518

Ingredients: Chicken, Basmati Rice, Zucchini, Squash, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Kalamatta Olives, Red Onion, Greek Yogurt, Lemon Juice, Fresh Dill, Garlic, Parsley, Olive Oil, Pink Salt, Black Pepper.