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Pickup & Delivery


 2672 Billingsley Rd. Columbus, OH 43235
*Wednesday pickup is 3-5 pm.
*Sunday pickup is 1-4 pm.
Need special arrangements? Contact us: or 614.668.9245


*Local deliveries are available within 25 miles* 

Meals will be delivered between 4-7 pm on Wednesdays or 2-8 pm on Sundays depending on your selection.  


Deliveries outside of 25 miles will be shipped via FedEx.
FedEx shipments go out Mondays.
FitPack Customers may use the free FitPack shipping options. FitPack customers outside of 25 miles are required to use “FitPack Shipping” rate at checkout. 

All orders with unpaid shipping or local delivery will be held for pickup. 
Please contact us should you have questions. 

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