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Cowboy Flank Steak

Cowboy Flank Steak

$ 12.99

All Natural Flank Steak* with a sweet & spicy rub. Served with roasted sweet potatoes and Mixed Veggies. 


4 OZ Fat: 10g |  Carb: 29g  | Protein: 36g | Calories: 350

6 OZ Fat: 15g |  Carb: 29g  | Protein: 52g | Calories: 459

8 OZ Fat: 20g |  Carb: 29g  | Protein: 70g | Calories: 576

Ingredients: Flank Steak, Sweet Potatoes, Zucchini, Squash, Red Onion, Cilantro, Parsley, Olive Oil, Pink Salt, Pepper, Brown Sugar, Cayenne Pepper, Chili Powder, Ground Coffee, Cumin, Paprika, Coriander. 

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