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Monthly Fit Pack

These are our options for customers who need service every week, typically Monday- Friday. We offer a customization of 5,10 & 15 meals of your choice. This is a great option for those customers looking to lose weight or just create healthier eating habits which they can eventually carry on their own!

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have subscribed to a Fit Pack plan, please place your weekly order online by 9pm on Thursday before meal prep. You can select the membership payment option during checkout (no credit card required). 

Option 1

Fit Pack 5* - $259/month - Customers may choose any combination of 5 meals per week - limited 1 steak/salmon per week

Option 2

Fit Pack 10* - $499/month - Customers may choose any combination of 10 meals per week - limited 3 steak/salmon per week

Option 3

Fit Pack 15* - $719 - Customers may choose any combination of 15 meals per week - limited 4 steak/salmon per week

Cancellations: Monthly packages must be cancelled 7 days before the next billing cycle.