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Monthly Fit Pack

These are our options for customers who need service every week, typically Monday- Friday. We offer a customization of 5,10 & 15 meals of your choice. This is a great option for those customers looking to lose weight or just create healthier eating habits which they can eventually carry on their own!

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have subscribed to a Fit Pack plan, please place your weekly order online using the code that will be provided via Email after we receive your subscription. You may order your meals all at once or break them down however you'd like.

*Please be mindful of the meal limitations for steak/ salmon options. If you would like to upgrade we can accomodate for a small upcharge per meal. 

Option 1

Fit Pack 5* - $269/month - Customers may choose any combination of 5 meals per week - limited 1 steak/salmon per week

Option 2

Fit Pack 10* - $539/month - Customers may choose any combination of 10 meals per week - limited 3 steak/salmon per week

Option 3

Fit Pack 15* - $799 - Customers may choose any combination of 15 meals per week - limited 4 steak/salmon per week

Cancellations: Monthly packages must be cancelled 7 days before the next billing cycle.